High efficiency Agricultural UAV Drones crop sprayer G-10

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Agriculture, Pesticide Spraying
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Guangdong, China
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7 inch
high efficiency
1 Year
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Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support
Carbon Fibre + Aviation Aluminum
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RC Control
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15-20 Min
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1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Safety Foam + Kraft carton
Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen port
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Quantity(Sets) 1 - 50 51 - 100 >100
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High efficiency Agricultural UAV Drones crop sprayer  G-10

Performance characteristics

A, body structure

1, rapid horizontal folding, take up a small space, a 7 bus ride 4 people, you can easily accommodate 4 aircraft flying

Maximum size of the aircraft (including propeller):2385*2385*390 (mm), folding size: 1360*620*390 (mm).

2, Cart design, a person can easily complete the UAV field of mobile. 

3, Double box design, can carry 16Kg pesticide industry advanced level. 

4, Anti swing kit design, effectively reduce the liquid sloshing of no computer generated effects, our agricultural crop protection UAV flight more stable. Large caliber tank with filter device, adding link time saving.

5, The nozzle is integrated in the bottom of the rotor, the use of multi rotor under the pressure of the wind field, the medicine can reach the back and bottom of the crop leaves. Compared with the artificial and mechanical effects, the effective utilization of pesticide was increased from 35% to 85%. Precision micro spraying to drive the use of zero growth of pesticides.

Front 3 times under the pressure of the head of the wind, rear nozzle 2 times under the pressure of the wind. High pressure atomization fan nozzle, the droplet diameter 70-120 m, stronger penetrability.

6, Nozzle, wire and the arm of the integrated design (that is, the nozzle and wire integration in the inside of the arm).

A, The fuselage wiring simple and beautiful, not knot;

B, Internal pipeline design, anti-corrosion effect is good, prolong the service life of the wire;

C, Take up less space, so that the UAV to adapt to diverse terrain.

7, Flight control, GPS and other major components from the fuselage shell package, in addition to the housing to prevent external corrosion agent, can also reduce external wind interference, improve agricultural crop protection our UAV  reliability and accuracy.

8, Equipped with the appropriate means to perform the task of spraying, sow, plant protection and fertilization job tasks. 

10, Waterproof body, the body can be cleaned with water most direct; important component part of the housing package, you can wipe the cabinet with a clean towel.

B, Body material articles

Our agricultural UAV Material carbon fiber + Aluminum. Overall architecture consists of an aluminum alloy body, the propeller is carbon fiber material.

Aluminum body selected reasons:

1, for the protection of more powerful body. Aluminum alloy produced deformation upon impact, it will cushion the body, better protection from damage other important parts; and carbon fiber body upon impact prone to crack or even break.

2, corrosion-resistant. The actual spraying operation, inevitably there will be a little pesticide residues in the body, aluminum corrosion resistance stronger than carbon fiber

3, easy maintenance, cost-effective. Carbon fiber breakage, the likelihood of recovery is zero maintenance, high replacement costs. After the aluminum alloy material deformation, recovery simple. Even if the replacement cost is relatively low. In summary, the aluminum body is undoubtedly a more appropriate choice.

C, Our agricultural crop protection UAV load, battery charge, battery life and operating efficiency

Load: 16Kg (filled with medicine chest can actually load 17.4Kg, you can still complete the normal job tasks), it has reached the current leading domestic level.

Battery life: Our agricultural crop protection UAV battery, normal charge and discharge of 150 to 300 times (ps attention to routine maintenance, long slow charging low voltage, can extend battery life.).

Charging efficiency: Our agricultural crop protection UAV is equipped with a battery charger can charge the battery at the same time to the two groups (ie four batteries), a full set of battery time is about 35 minutes. In the case of convenient charging the assembled battery can achieve 8 our agricultural UAV uninterrupted cycle operation.

Life time: our agriculture UAV normal full operating life time of 10-15 minutes.

Operating efficiency: 2-3 mu / min, a landing can be completed more than 20 acres of spraying operations. Each sorties to replace the battery, dosing segment time of 2 minutes to complete.


2. Use of technology

1) Check the power supply system.

a. Check the battery level, appearance, whether there is damage, drum kits, deformation, if damaged seriously, please discontinue use. OK on the remote control power to meet the mission requirements.

b. Check the battery compartment around the structure strong, for example battery retainer cracks, plugs, screws securely degree, during the flight battery to prevent loosening.

c. Check the electrical modulation input plug is loose, the output terminal connected to the motor plug is loose.



2) Check the body and the folding mechanism.

No dummy bit accuracy a. Check the machine arm Deployable process is smooth, expand to a fixed position.

b. Check the machine rotating lever arm bent at the fold if there is a fixed or loose screws.

c. Check whether the airframe cracks and breakage.

d. Check whether the landing gear symmetrical, if the wheel is rotated smoothly.

3) Check the power system.

a. Rotating motor rotor, the motor to see if there are abnormal sound, check for loose motor rotor; each time before opening the remote control to see each knob is in the correct position.

b. not to install the propeller to start the motor, if there is abnormal sound, it may be bearing wear, the motor needs to be replaced. If the vibration motor is large, the motor shaft may be bent, the motor needs to be replaced.

c. Check the bottom of the motor fixing screws are secure. If the screw is loose, use a screwdriver.

d. Check the appearance of the blade is not bent, broken, cracks. This problem must have abandoned the propeller.




3. Common Faults and exclusion

1) Flight shaking





Magnetic interference

Switching from GPS mode to the gesture mode, select a safe place to land ASAP


Each propeller inclination is incorrect

Re-adjust the angles


The arm is the existence of virtual spaces snap position

Tighten the machine arm snap


2) Spraying system abnormalities





Nozzle blocked by dusts or other matter

Replace the nozzle or brush to clean clogged foreign matter


Water taps are loose or leaking

Tighten the water tap


Water pipe is squeezed, liquid poor circulation

Adjusted according to the actual environment



3) Motor abnormal sound





Motor bearing damage

Replace damaged motor


Debris inside the motor

Shall remove the motor, clean up debris


Propeller clamp screw loose

Tighten the screws corresponding parts



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